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It’s been a while since I wrote in this blogchain. And during this time, I relapsed quite a bit. Especially after all the events going around the world. But this is a good time (at least for time) to restart this conversation.

The main thing is, for many different reasons, what many people consider as “the internet” (platforms all the way down) are actually becoming more and more harmful. In my case, it feels more and more like an addiction than a way of communication (for personal reasons mostly). And yes, I know, most of us stuck at our homes and we need to connect and communicate and conspire but those places are not fit for that. Especially not today.

Why? Because we’re all angry, the world is on fire and we don’t know what to do. But these platforms only helps us to get more angry, react without thinking and consume every new viral thing every minute (pun intended). This isn’t the way to figure that shit out. We can’t find out how to solve our problems or build better futures there. These places aren’t fit for that purpose. “Doomscrolling” is not going to help us.

That’s why I think this is a good time for me to make some big changes. Because I feel like we need to think deeper, write more and talk longer about what we’re going through and what we want next. This requires new ways to use internet. Or maybe return some of the old ways because those tools were more focused on building a community or can be used more easily to start deep conversations.

I’m also happy that people are trying out new ways to start conversations and find other people to think about all that. We need more of that. We need to take our communication and conversations to old and new places and build new stuff.

Since all of this feels more and more like apocalypse, may as well we can just act like that and build all that cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic ideas and communities now. Returning to Isles of Blogging feels like a much better option than keep relying on Silicon Valley gods and their toys.

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