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This is the page where you can find most up-to-date information about me and how much work I buried myself into. Things like most recent works, availability and what I’m working on can all be seen here. If you need more ways to get in touch with me, you can find it here and want to know more about the recent works you can find them here.

Bu sayfada benimle ilgili en güncel bilgileri ve meşgul olduğum işleri bulabilirsiniz. En yeni işlerim, görüşme ve diğer konularda uygun zamanım olup olmadığı ve nelerle ilgilendiğim gibi bilgilerin hepsi burada mevcut. Eğer daha farklı iletişim yollarına ihtiyacınız varsa bu sayfaya bakabilir, yakın zamanda yaptıklarım hakkında daha fazla okumak isterseniz buraya bakabilirsiniz.

Work Status

Status Updates

Active Projects

  • Private Projects
    • Project “Forbidden Memory
    • Project “Infected Seeker”
    • Project “Argentate Dusk”
    • Project “Lunar Growl”

Private projects are the ones I can’t talk about in public and named after the ships in the game Destiny 2. Because why not.

For an updated list of my most recent works only, you can visit this page. It’s usually updated as soon as possible.

You can also find all of my most recent writings here.

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