Taken by Gökçen Öçalan, July 2016.
Taken by Gökçen Öçalan, July 2016.

I’m a writer, researcher, digital activist and translator. I’m mostly focused on philosophy, aesthetics, internet culture, art, technology, future, digital and press freedom in Turkey, human rights and politics, and I’m writing science/speculative fiction. I have a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and currently working to get my Masters Degree in Media and Communication Studies.

As a writer and researcher, I’m working between philosophy, science fiction, technology, politics and future. Or as I like to call, “weird and deadly interesting.” I’m writing theory, fiction and no-fiction both in English and Turkish.

As a journalist, I’m writing on diverse topics of interest including digital and human rights and freedom of speech in Turkey, technology and digital security, media and journalism trends and science fiction. You can check my byline below and a small selection of my work here. I’m also one of the founders of the NewsLabTurkey, which focuses on helping Turkish speaking journalists to catch up with the international trends. I’m the Newsletter Editor of NewsLabTurkey, where I write weekly newsletters summarizing news and trends in journalism and media.

As a digital activist, I’m working on digital security, privacy, censorship and surveillance, and copyright issues. I’m also giving trainings and talks on these topics for activists, journalists or anyone who wants in general. I’m working with many national and international organizations, including NewsLabTurkey, Journalist Union of Turkey, Bianet and more.

If you want to get in touch with me for writing, speaking or workshop opportunities or just want to say hi, you can check my Contact page.

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