Ahmet Alphan Sabancı, posing with a smile, wearing a grayish white shirt and a blue blazer. In the background there are blurred trees.
Taken by Gökçen Öçalan Sabancı, 2023.

Ahmet Alphan Sabancı is a critical futurist, writer, journalist and activist. He’s currently working as an independent critical futures and foresight practitioner, and co-founder and Strategy Coordinator of NewsLabTurkey.

His critical futures work includes consulting, public writing and research. He runs the experimental critical futures and futures literacy practice Tuhaf Gelecek (in Turkish) since 2015. He gives public speeches about the futures of media, technology, society, and regularly invited as an expert guests on these issues in Turkish media.

As an activist, he’s been actively involved in digital rights, anti-censorship and anti-surveillance activism since 2010. He’s a member of Alternative Informatics Association, and a founding member of Digital Media Research Association (DMRA). He’s also co-founder of NewsLabTurkey, a project by DMRA, to support and promote independent and sustainable media and journalism ecosystem in Turkey. He gives workshops and mentorships to media organizations, and writes a weekly global media and technology trends newsletter in Turkish.

As a writer and journalist, he’s written on many different issues throughout the years and his work was published in outlets The Guardian, Global Voices, Inside Turkey, Futuristika, and more. He also received fellowship on investigative journalism from USDOS IVLP program in 2018.

He has a BA degree in Philosophy and MA degree in Media Studies. As a self-described generalist, his areas of interest includes many different topics and his work benefits from this diversity. He’s born in Adana, Turkey and still lives in Turkey.

You can find how to get in touch with Ahmet here. You can also find a collection of publicity photos of Ahmet here.