What’s In My RSS Reader

Since more and more people are remembering how RSS readers were amazing and many recent developments signal a return for RSS, I have decided it’d be nice to put out my list here to help others to start their journey.

If you’re unfamiliar with RSS and RSS readers, Matt Webb has a simple website for starters. It’ll give you everything you need to understand what all this is about. My RSS reader of choice is Newsblur. I’m using it since the death of Google Reader and it just gets better and better. It has many goodies inside to help you navigate this hellhole called internet: you can add YouTube and Twitter accounts, forward your newsletters, train feeds based on authors and tags on the website and more.

This is why my RSS reader is basically the starting point for the every research and work I do. I’m not just following blogs and small websites but also have some major news sources, filtered for my interests to skim headlines. This may seem like overloading the reader but it works for me.

Couple notes about the list below:

  • List order goes like this: Title – Website Link – Feed Link. Hopefully all links are working correctly but if you find ones not working, let me know and I’ll fix it.
  • This is not everything in my reader, I’ve decided to cut some parts of it because it’s not really interesting. Like the folder I use for the weekly newsletter I write in NewsLabTurkey and the other folder with Google Alerts feeds.
  • You might notice some of those websites are not updated for years. I know but I’m a hoarder romantic and keeping them anyway. I hope someday they’ll post something new and I’ll be there to read it.
  • There are some feed titles ending with (TR). This means those websites are in Turkish or mainly publishing in Turkish.
  • Folder names are totally made up. I regularly change their names or what’s in them. Those are there mostly to help me navigate around.
  • I’m not sure what this order is based on, it’s just how it was on the OPML file. Looks like it’s ordered based on when it was added to the reader (oldest to newest) but who knows.
  • This list last updated at 29.12.2020

If you have any recommendations —whether it’s your blog or someone else’s— feel free to share it with me. I love finding more blogs to read.

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