Here it is.

This is probably one of the most important interviews I did for several reasons. First one is definitely the group of people I’m in. Most of them are people I’ve been following and admiring their work for a long time. That’s why you should definitely read all of them and thank Jillian C. York for starting a series like this one.

Second reason is the fact that I’ve not been thinking about many of these stuff for a long time. Of course I’ve been reading, writing and doing things related to the issues but not really thinking about it or thinking in a self-reflective way. This interview also gave me that chance. And made me realize how things and I have changed since I’ve started dealing with these issues.

There are other reasons too. Like having a chance to remember Özgür Uçkan and talking about these issues with Jillian. It’s something really special for me and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it too.


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