Decided to pull three card timeline from Superflux’s Instant Archetypes for 2020. I have couple of different readings of this set but feel free to read it as you wish.

And have a great 2020!


3 responses to “Three Card Timeline for 2020”

  1. I don’t know whether you make a point of factoring in inversions or not — I tend to assume them mean a more internal focus or negative spin than a full-on inversion of meaning — but however you read it, that’s a pretty striking timeline. A present of passions and difficult choices, and a future of antihierarchy; it could be your story, or it could be everyone’s!

    Whichever it turns out to be: good luck with it, my friend. As Hunter Thompson used to say: when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. We’re all wandering out into the wastelands, because that’s where the action is.

    Happy new year, man. — PGR

    1. Ahmet A. Sabancı Avatar
      Ahmet A. Sabancı

      Thanks so much for the reading and comments and the new year wishes.

      I usually factor in the inversion but in a more traditional way, I really liked how you looked at it. And your reading is quite close how I felt about the cards when I first looked at them. (Plus a bit surprised by the fact that I have three inverse ones.)

      I’m so glad I have the company of the people like you in the wastelands. It’s the most important thing in these weird times.

      Happy (belated) new year you too man!

  2. […] of Media Tarot”. Small online tools like these (or physical ones like Superflux’s Instant Archetypes) can be really useful when you need some creative provocations. I hope my Bright Futures Generator […]

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