Refreshing My Patreon

I’ve been on Patreon as a creator for some time but to be honest, I was not using here for it’s full potential. There were many reasons for that. Things like being a freelancer forcing me to work on many different stuff, some changes and other stuff happening on the personal side and me starting a new Masters Degree again. 

For a while, I’ve been thinking and planning about how I can organize things happening around me and start focusing on the works and ideas I want to do more. For that to happen, I needed to restructure this place and start actively using it again. Since I wrote these tweets recently, I’ve been working on that.

And now, the refreshed and re-planned version of my Patreon is live. There are many plans I have for here and my personal projects and also some ideas which I will start working on. Also I will put more of my time and energy here (plus my blog and newsletter). 

I’ve been thinking and writing about my internet usage for a while and this step is part of that rethinking and redesigning process. One thing is certain that I want more of my time and energy to go to stuff where I can get more personal interaction and a sense of community, instead of algorithmically designed experiences. This is why stuff like blogs, newsletters, podcasts and platforms like Patreon makes more sense to me.

I also decided to refresh and reboot here because the things I want to write about or projects I want to do is not really sellable. Current situation of the world pushed many people to look at everything from a limited perspective. Many places expects you to look at things from one perspective or if you’re from one place you should only write about issues A and B. I want to free myself from this because only then I can work on the things really wanted to. 

That’s why I need Patreon. Being a freelance writer and journalist is difficult everywhere but it’s more difficult in Turkey for many different reasons. Creating my own ways to put my work out and create a way to sustain my life is the best, and for many cases the only option for me. Until now, I had quite few patrons here and I’m thankful to every one of them because their support, no matter how big or small, helped me keep going. 

But I have to take this one step further. We’re going through some weird and deadly interesting times and I want to put out works worthy of our times. 

Thank you for reading this. Hope you will consider helping me; either becoming my patron or spreading the word if you already are. 


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