Olly from PhilosophyTube was one of my favorite YouTube channels for a while and especially does brilliant works for a while. This one I think is something really big for him and everyone who’s watching. Talking about trauma through his personal experience and philosophy is something hard to do. It probably gets much harder when you do it on video. But he pulls it out in a brilliant way. It’s a really powerful video in both philosophical and emotional sense.

This video and its power also reminded me something that always bothers me. When people think about doing philosophy or being a philosopher, they have that mental image about a man (it’s always a man) sitting in a room full of books just writing and solving every problem about the world from their desks. And I can tell you that this image is total bullshit. Most of those man, although they made some important contributions to philosophy, don’t know shit about the world they think they solved it.

That’s why when people like Oliver Thorn makes videos like this it gives me joy, even though the topics are really heavy, like this one. Because he takes philosophy out of that bullshit ivory tower and brings where it should be.

This is how philosophy should be done. Philosophy is not something you can do totally isolated and only based on your mindset. You have to bring everything into the equation, every perspective and possibility; not exclusive to the old white guys who thinks they understood the world from their university office. We should be doing philosophy through YouTube, newsletters, science fiction, comics, you name it. I believe this is the way to achieve what philosophy aims to.


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