There are some photos which has a weird effect on you. Half of you wants to write thousands of words about it but your other half is just speechless. Here’s one of those:

Source: Anadolu Agency

Another one if you need a close-up:

There’s so much to unpack in these photos: care packages for elderly delivered in boxes with Amazon logo and the presidential seal, Amazon Turkey managing to get a PR campaign this big in a country where they’re active only around 1,5 years, how Amazon tries to turn the pandemic into a profit all over the world, late capitalism in pandemic times… Although there’s so much I wanted to say, it feels like I need to give more time to my brain to just sit with it. And yes, I’m definitely blaming dystopian science fiction writers for this, just like Bruce Sterling does.

Here’s some extra reading on top of this image if you want to think with me:


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