Cuma Postası / Friday Post [23.05.2014]


Everything is Broken by Quinn Norton

N’existe Pas by Bruce Sterling

Stand up for Sex Workers: Eden Alexander, WePay and Whorephobia by Laurie Penny

The myth of heroism by Charlie Stross

“It Continues Not To End”: Time, Poetry, and the ICC Witness Project by Aaron Bady

Privacy is a right


How to Talk to Your Children About Mass Surveillance by Cory Doctorow

Mozilla: Publish and be DRM’d! by Glyn Moody

Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack by Tim Bray

The lie about Edward Snowden that just won’t die by Trevor Timm

The Connection Between The Copyright Industry And The NSA by Rick Falkvinge

Secrets, lies and Snowden’s email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit by Ladar Levison

Should U.S. Hackers Fix Cybersecurity Holes or Exploit Them? by Bruce Schneier

The NSA is Not Made of Magic by Bruce Schneier

June 5th is Coming: Actions on the Anniversary of the First Snowden Release by Danny O’Brien

Twitter Steps Down From the Free Speech Party by Eva Galperin

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and European Civil Society: A Case Study on Networked Advocacy by James Losey

Dear Google: Parody Is Not Trademark Infringement by corynne mcsherry

Kame Live 0.4.0 by Kus


Permission Slips by Nathan Jurgenson

A Short History of Game Panics by Jesse Walker

What to do if Your Friend is a Communist: The Hilarious Wikihow Guide

Magna Cortica by Jamais Cascio

The Paper Chase by Rob Trump

Me Meme by Rob Horning




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