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Türkiye / Turkey

Turkey’s actions in Syria see PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan go from model Middle East ‘strongman’ to tin-pot dictator – Robert Fisk – Commentators – The Independent

We Quit Working for Erdogan’s Propaganda Mouthpiece | VICE United Kingdom


Future Tense, Netizen Report isminde harika bir seri yayınlıyor, takibe almanızı tavsiye ederim. En tazesi burada. / Future Tense’s Netizen Report is one of the must follow serials on the net. You can read the latest one here.


Gözetim / Surveillance

ZunZuneo: A Tale of Failed Transparency and Gross Surveillance by Jenny Davis

Wild at Heart: Were Intelligence Agencies Using Heartbleed in November 2013? by Peter Eckersley

Edward Snowden Testimony at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

EU high court strikes down metadata collection law by Cyrus Farivar (EFF on this topic/EFF’in bu konudaki haberi)

The Continuing Public/Private Surveillance Partnership by Bruce Schneier

Of Being Numerous by Natasha Lennard


Siberkültür – Siberpolitik / Cyberculture – Cyberpolitics

Democracy comes to Mozilla by David Banks

Where do we go from here: “link rot” and atemporality by Sarah Wanenchak

Big data: are we making a big mistake? by Tim Harford

Booking Video: Aaron Swartz Jokes, Jousts With Cops After MIT Bust


Şirketler Çıldırdı! / Corporations Gone Wild!

Drop Condoleezza Rice or we will #dropdropbox

Restoring CC attribution to Flickr, because Yahoo broke it

Wolf Richter: I Just Got PayPal’s New Absolutely-No-Privacy-Ever Policy by Yves Smith

How Not to Charge Your Fans: Kirby Ferguson. A Case Study by Alex Lungu


Geek İşleri / Geek Stuff

Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophers by Existential Comics

Yet another bad idea by Charlie Stross

Domino Addition by Numberphile



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