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Why Soma Happened and Why This Won’t Be the Last


  • Turkish state didn’t signed “Safety and Health in Mines Convention”, they have to sign it 19 years ago. (Source – TR)
  • Prime Minister has the right to give license to mining companies. (Source – TR)
  • In Turkey, work safety is just a thing that reduces companies profit. If you care about work safety and want to force companies about that, you’re the enemy of Turkey’s economy.
  • If you propose a research at parliament about work safety at mining facilities and you’re not in the governor party, no one really cares. (Source – TR)
  • Work safety inspectors can give positive reports about your facilities if you’re a friend of some good people. (Source – TR)
  • Prime Minister will say two words after that and returns his fun. (Source)
  • Some idiots can see these things as an opportunity to show themselves. (Source)
  • Companies can disappear from sight quickly and state does it’s best to save them. (Source)
  • Even ministers can say “We don’t want to talk about numbers right now.” about people who died. (Source – TR)
  • Everyone starts to use words like “destiny”, “We’re praying for them”, “providence”… Because they want to show it as an “accident” and save their asses.
  • Some professors can try to defend companies on TV, which causes these accidents and deaths.
  • Even some professors can say things like “Dying with carbon monoxide is a sweet death.” (Source – TR)
  • Some journalists(!) will try to find conspiracy theories and connections with the anti-government groups to save governments ass. (Source – TR)
  • Almost everyone in the media does their best to hide reality from public, instead giving us the real news.
  • One of the biggest unions of the Turkey will do “3 minutes walkout for a week” to protest this deaths. (Source – TR)
  • Lots of police and soldiers with go accident place, not for help, for protecting prime minister from workers families and friends. (Source) (Source)
  • Police will do their best to protect companies. They even close whole street, where company building is, to stop protesters. (Source)
  • And after couple of days later, media and government will do their best to make everyone forget about this and they’ll probably be succeed.


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