Warren Ellis wrote this short post on his blog Morning Computer today:

finishing it with saying “Today I remain undecided.  How about you?”. Considering that I was thinking about similar issues for some time (Turkish speaking readers can check this), decided to give it a shot.

First, I’m doing the same thing (downloading all my tweets) in regular basis, because it’s an important archive for me and I don’t want to trust anyone with something important for me. That’s why I’m trying to move my Tumblr infodump/lifelog to my own servers. No one other than me really cares what’s important for me, especially some corp from US.

About deleting what I shared regularly, I’ve tried that when I was using Facebook. While it seemed useful at first, it started to become meaningless after a while, because all of these was already getting buried and forgotten most of the time. And it was making things hard when it comes to download the archive because I had to keep every archive I’ve downloaded every time.

I was trying to find a way to build myself a “calmer internet” for some time, because of the very similar reasons. Most of the things we call internet today is a total mess and they’re doing everything possible to turn these into something more useless. While we need more stuff to curate the information flowing, we get more stuff makes all these more impossible to control. Because, let’s make it clear, advertisers wants it that way.

What should we do now? When I’ve started using internet, what I fall in love with it was conversation and the limitless information I can consume whenever I want, however I want. But we somehow let this controlled by Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. While they did a lot good at first, they’re now letting the control to the advertisers and governments. And that’s why I can’t leave my blog and other sites I’ve build. I prefer having this conversation from blog to blog and at the comments instead of Twitter. I know that it won’t reach a lot of people but same goes for tweets and Facebook posts too. And I prefer writing a blog post instead of 20-of-234 style Twitter rants.

Maybe we have to remember how to use blogs and developers start to think about something other than “Twitter for X”, “Uber for Y”, “Spotify for Ğ” and useless IoT toys.

I don’t really have a blueprint for what I want, but I have a name for what I need: Distributed Invisible Network of Monasteries.

And yet I’m still undecided about what and how to do it. So I’m passing Warren’s question to you: How about you?


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