From the Mail – 27.10.2020

I was not expecting a book pre-order turn into an almost two month adventure but life in Turkey is full of surprises. I’ve been not pre-ordering dead-tree books from abroad for a while, mostly because I have trust issues with Turkish postal service. So many bad memories I don’t want to remember. But for some … Read more

New Books in the Library – 26.11.2019

Bottom two, K-Punk and State Machines, are from the early November London trip. K-Punk is one of those books which you’ll read and re-read dozens of times over the years. Rest came in yesterday. I was only planning to buy Teknopolis, because it seemed interesting but ended up ordering five books. I’m also excited to … Read more

Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan

Tim Maughan’s Infinite Detail was published in March and since then it was sitting on my Kindle for reasons. Finally got my hand around it and finished the book today. And I have to say that this book is amazing. The smile grows into a self-deprecating chuckle; and she’s strangely embarrassed that part of her … Read more

[Okundu] Tuhaf Şeyler Oluyor – Kelly Link

Bilimkurgu ve fantastik edebiyat bize gündelik ve normal olanın ötesine geçebilme, hayal kurabilme imkanını verir. Bu sayede geleceği veya farklı dünyaları zihnimizde kurabilir, bulunduğumuz dünyanın ötesine gidebilecek güce sahip oluruz. Bilimkurgu bize öteye geçebilme imkanını verir. Ancak bazen de öteye gitmek her zaman düşündüğümüz gibi gerçekleşmez. Huzursuz eder, tedirgin oluruz. Her şey beklediğimiz gibi gitmemeye … Read more