Revisiting “The Manfred Macx Media Diet”

Just like books or movies, I also have a list of blog posts which I regularly reread and think about it. I think Warren Ellis’ “The Manfred Macx Media Diet” is at the top of my list. Not sure how many times I’ve read that post. One thing that makes this post special for me … Read more

The Average Reader

My standard for verisimilitude is simple and I came to it when I started to write prose narrative: fuck the average reader. I was always told to write for the average reader in my newspaper life. The average reader, as they meant it, was some suburban white subscriber with two-point-whatever kids and three-point-whatever cars and … Read more

[Read] Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, Shivering Sands

Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free – Cory Doctorow This is one of the books that we’ll need more in the near future. Doctorow collects his ideas and short writings about the copyright, future of computing and future of artists and creates this handbook for anyone interested in any of these topics. And Cory shows … Read more

Dead Pig Collector – Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis, sadece e-kitap olarak yayınlanan son öyküsü Dead Pig Collector‘ı bu ayın başında yayınlamıştı ancak daha yeni okuma fırsatı buldum ve Ellis’in kaleminden/klavyesinden çıkan her metin gibi bunu da bir solukta okudum. Warren Ellis’in en sevdiğim yanı, daima en ilginç fikirleri bulup bunları olabilecek en şaşırtıcı şekilde sunabiliyor olması. Dead Pig Collector da bunun … Read more