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  • What Really Matters Online

    What Really Matters Online

    Since the early days of July, I’ve been thinking so much about my online experience and the need for some radical changes. There was, and still are, multiple reasons behind this. But a surprising coincidence helped me to clear my head. On August 7th, I’ve published the 200th issue of the Turkish newsletter about media, […]

  • RSS is not dead?

    It looks like people are finally waking up to the fact that RSS was never dead. I don’t know why people claimed that just because a tech overlord decided something is not profitable for them. People are still using it and it’s as good and alive as it’s always been. At the end of 2019, […]

  • Start Select Reset Zine #001: Your Attention is Sovereign

    Jay (previously) has a new digital zine out, which includes his writings and podcast transcriptions about the internet, social media and attention economy. He talks about many things such as multitasking, how we’re using our devices, productivity and how he changed his social media use and more. I’ve finished it in one sitting and already […]