IFLA WLIC 2019: 20 Years of the IFLA Intellectual Freedom Statement: Constancy and Change

This year I was invited to speak at IFLA’s World Library and Information Congress, as a part of a session focusing on intellectual freedom and freedom of information. As a part of the session, I talked about the current situation in Turkey and how it effects the librarians and freedom of information in general. Although … Read more

National Security is Not An Excuse For Censorship and Surveillance

  On my latest Global Voices article, I wrote about the latest censorship bill proposal and soon to be voted Security Bill in Turkey. I talked about what those bill could do and why and how Turkish government uses “national security” as an excuse for these. The security bill proposed by AKP leaders looks scarier … Read more

I Was On TV (at Sweden)

(Türkçesi burada.) Yes, that happened. Long story short: Two lovely people, Sara and Tigran, came from Sweden last March and said “We want to make a documentary about activists around the world and we want to interview with someone from Turkey too. We’ll talk about who you are, what are you doing, what’s your views … Read more

My First Article at Global Voices

Good news, everyone! I’ve joined the Global Voices. I’ll be one of the contributors from Turkey. I’m planning to focus on my main interests such as censorship, surveillance, freedom of speech and digital activism in Turkey. Not sure how frequently I’ll write but I’ll do my best to cover every story happens in here that’s … Read more

[Notes From Internet] It’s Not Twitter It’s the Eclipse of Reason

You’ve probably heard that Twitter blocked in Turkey. Also latest news adds that Google DNS is blocked too. I wanted to write something about it but I really don’t have enough time for writing a detailed piece about that right now. Instead of writing I’ll share our organization Alternative Informatics Association’s statement about this censorship. … Read more

Farewell to Internet

Yesterday night, the censorship and surveillance bill has passed from Turkish parliament. At the same time, I wrote a letter to internet to say goodbye. Because after this bill, there won’t be a world wide web for Turkey anymore. Dear Internet, We, as people from Turkey, had a great time with you. You teach us … Read more

The New Censorship Bill in Turkey

2014 started with a new bill proposal against free speech and internet freedom in Turkey. Down below, you can see what this new regulations brings if it passes. This list copied from Pirate Party Turkey’s blog post, which you can read here.   New methods of blocking “harmful” content will be implemented. Rather than censoring … Read more