Bobs 2014 Oylamaları Başladı! / Bobs 2014 Ballot Box is Opened!


Bobs – Best of Online Activism, bu yıl onuncusu düzenlenen ve online aktivizmi temeline alan dünyanın en büyük sosyal medya yarışmalarından birisi. Birçok farklı dilden adayların katılabildiği bu yarışmaya geçtiğimiz yıldan bu yana Türkçe adaylar da dahil olabiliyor. Jürilerin belirlediği kategori finalistleri tüm internetin katılabileceği şekilde oylamaya açılıyor ve oylama sonucunda da birinciler belirleniyor.

Bu yılın ise benim için kesinlikle ayrı bir önemi var. Çünkü “En İyi Blog” kategorisinde Siberuzay Aylağının Günlüğü isimli blogumla (ki şu an oradasınız :) finalistler arasına girdim. Başlangıçta tamamen kendimce notlar almak ve insanlara yardım etmek için kurduğum bu sitenin böyle bir noktaya geldiğini görmek beni gerçekten çok mutlu ediyor. Elbette burayı takip eden, beni destekleyen herkesin de bunda payı var.

Finallerden birinci olarak çıkabilir miyim emin değilim, çünkü The Intercept, Euromaydan gibi çok güzel sitelerle aynı kategorideyim. Ancak orada olmak bile bu siteyle iyi bir şeyler yapabildiğimi görmemi sağladı. Eğer beni desteklemek isterseniz aşağıdaki görsele tıklayarak oy verebileceğiniz siteye gidebilirsiniz.

Bir çok farklı dalda da tanıdığım ya da takip ettiğim güzel insanlar aday olarak yer alıyor. Kem Gözlere Şiş, Mülksüzleştirme, Yüksekova Haber bunlardan bazıları. Ayrıca Halkın Seçimi – Türkçe bölümü de mevcut. Kimseye haksızlık yapmak istemediğimden özellikle şuna oy verin demek istemiyorum çünkü hepsi o oyları hakediyor, bu yüzden seçim sizin.


Bobs 2014 finalists are announced and public voting is opened. Bobs – Best of Online Activism, one of the biggest social media competition focused on online activism, hits its 10th year. Bobs accepting activist from 14 different languages and Turkish is one of them since last year.

But this year has a different meaning for me. My blog Siberuzay Aylağının Günlüğü (Diary of Cyberspace Vagabond) has made the shortlist of this years “Best Blogs”. I started writing to this blog just to take some notes and help people when I can but it turned into something bigger. It still amazes me and I’m still not sure how to feel or act. :)

If you’re not sure what this blog is about (because it’s mostly written in Turkish) you can read what Bobs jury said about it:

Ahmet A. Sabancı is a blogger who specializes in issues of cyberculture. He has been explaining the technical aspects of web censorship and digital surveillance to the Turkish public. He provides substantive information about developments outside Turkey, including the NSA PRISM scandal, in order to inform the public back in Turkey. His detailed knowledge of his subjects helps him boil down complicated issues into terms that are readily understood by the wider public.

I really don’t know what to say about that. So, it’ll be better for me if I stop here. If you want to support me on Bobs 2014 you can click the picture below and go to Bobs’ website. Also some of my friends and websites I follow are in finals too. I want to congratulate all of them and I hope they’ll win.


[Notes From Internet] It’s Not Twitter It’s the Eclipse of Reason


You’ve probably heard that Twitter blocked in Turkey. Also latest news adds that Google DNS is blocked too. I wanted to write something about it but I really don’t have enough time for writing a detailed piece about that right now. Instead of writing I’ll share our organization Alternative Informatics Association’s statement about this censorship. (You can read Turkish version of the statement here.)

Also Zeynep Tufekci wrote a great piece about that topic and she summaries every detail perfectly. You can read that here.

It’s Not Twitter It’s The Eclipse Of Reason

Twitter has become a basic communication tool for the users in Turkey to exercise freedom of speech. The President, The Prime Minister and the commissioners, journalists, bureaucrats, members of the parliament, writers, artists, unionists and activists, people with different political ideologies, oppressed groups and people from different parts of the society can state their opinions and participate in discussions about the current situations. In an environment where traditional media is constantly struggling with government oppression, communication tools like Twitter are crucial for the citizens. The only environment we can access to information without being censored is through the internet. To block an essential tool like Twitter just before the elections is unacceptable. It’s a clear violation of the right to freedom of expression.

Violation of the Right To Elect and the Right To Be Elected.

Turkey is on the eve of Local Elections. The running parties and the candidates use social media and Twitter frequently for their campaigns. This type of communication gives citizens the opportunity to follow the candidates closely, express their problems and hear the solutions that candidates can offer and also force them to create solutions. Therefore, blocking Twitter not only violates the freedom of speech but also violates the right to elect and to be elected.

We Are Concerned About The Integrity Of Upcoming Local Elections

We are experiencing great political tensions in expectation of the upcoming local elections that will take place on March 30th, 2014. These tensions are further solidified through distrust in the electoral process itself. The internet holds great potential for bringing citizen oversight to this process. It offers platforms and communication mechanisms to rapidly report on injustices and fraud attempts during the election data. Given current circumstances in Turkey, the internet is expected to play a crucial role in the supervision of the casting and counting of votes and hence in assuring the integrity and safety of the elections. The current blocking of internet based services is destructive to these citizen initiatives, increases existing social and political tensions, and negatively affects the trust in the electoral process. We are hence very concerned about both the integrity and safety of the upcoming elections.

Law Has Been Reduced To A Tool In The Hands Of The Government

The government points to court rulings to justify the blocking of Twitter. However, by now we are unsure about “whose” courts and rulings we can rely on. In the hands of the government, “legal grounds” are interpreted excessively or simply manipulated, leading to increasing distrust in the legal system. The Presidency of Telecommunications (Telekomunikasyon Iletisim Baskanligi or simply TIB) plays a precarious role in the enforcement of these legal rulings. In some past cases, they have abstained from taking action on select court rulings, arguing that it is beyond their legal authority. They have stated that TIB only has the authority to enforce blocking decisions when these are based on catalogued crimes. Yet in some cases, they have overstepped their authority and enforced rulings on blocking Internet based services. The arbitrary enforcement of legal rulings is in tune with the repeated threats made public by Prime Minister Erdoğan who most recently announced “we will eradicate social networks like Twitter”.

An “eclipse of reason” is the current state of the Turkish government. It is not possible to articulate a rational explanation for the new regulations, including the new Internet laws, and their enforcement within a framework of governance informed by basic democratic values. We can only regard these intrusive interventions as acts of despair and a lack of intellect.

These shameful acts of censorship are unacceptable. We call for action against censorship and the chilling of voices on the Internet, now!

Alternative Informatics Association, March 21st, 2014

[Pazar Müziği] A Sense Of Uncertainty by Good Weather For An Airstrike

Good Weather For An Airstrike basically caught me with his name. When I first saw the name, I thought “This must be a good thing, I should give it a chance”. I wasn’t wrong, of course. This album, A Sense Of Uncertainty, is one of the purest records I’ve listened so far.

* * *

Good Weather For An Airstrike, beni ismiyle kendisine çekti. İsmini görür görmez “Kesin iyi bir şeydir bu, bir şans vermek lazım” dedim. Ve dinler dinlemez ne kadar haklı olduğumu gördüm. Bu albümleri, A Sense Of Uncertainty, uzun zamandır dinlediğim en saf kayıtlardan birisi, gerçekten etkileyici bir çalışma.

Farewell to Internet

internet in turkey from now on

Yesterday night, the censorship and surveillance bill has passed from Turkish parliament. At the same time, I wrote a letter to internet to say goodbye. Because after this bill, there won’t be a world wide web for Turkey anymore.

Dear Internet,

We, as people from Turkey, had a great time with you. You teach us so many things that we couldn’t learn from anywhere else. We had lots of great memories with you. You were always there whenever we needed you. But we have to say goodbye.

Turkish parliament passed the bill which is going to kill you. Maybe it’ll not kill you directly but you’ll be crippled and we can’t do everything we want together. There’s a little chance for you -presidential veto- but like I said, it’s a little chance.

Saying Goodbye to Internet in Turkey — Medium


UPDATE (08/02/2014): I want to thank everyone who shared my article and spread the word out. I wasn’t expecting that kind of response. Also I want to thank everyone who featured my article on their places. Here’s the links (AFAIK):

Boing Boing

Today’s Zaman

Al-Jazeera English


Biamag (They translated the article in Turkish)

Deustchlandfunk (DE)

The New Censorship Bill in Turkey

2014 started with a new bill proposal against free speech and internet freedom in Turkey. Down below, you can see what this new regulations brings if it passes. This list copied from Pirate Party Turkey’s blog post, which you can read here.


  • New methods of blocking “harmful” content will be implemented. Rather than censoring the entire website, these methods will target the direct URL of infringing sites.
  • Content that “denigrates particular sections of the society on account of social status, race, religion, sect, gender, region of origin” will be treated as a crime that warrants censorship.
  • The Internet Service Providers will be required to keep track of personal data and conduct sweeping surveillance on behalf of the government.
  • The new blocking methods will make it impossible to access the censored content by merely changing DNS settings.
  • The changes bear the possibility to outlaw any blogs in Turkey other than food, fashion, and travel blogs. Those that include political commentary in particular will be suspect.
  • New regulations will harm the Internet Service Providers who will, then, likely move their operations outside of Turkey.
  • Social media sites that our Prime Minister has characterized as “Menace called Twitter” and “Ugly technology Facebook” will be censored much easier.
  • Citizen journalism and independent media will be hit hardest.


If you’re a journalist interested about this topic and detailed Turkish material works for you, you can see the Alternative Informatics Association’s declaration about this. Our friends translating this to English right now and I’ll link the translation here too.

UPDATE 1: Alternative Informatics Association’s declaration about this bill is translated. You can read and share it from here.

UPDATE 2: There’s another English article published about this topic on DW. I gave opinions to this article and you can read it here.

Also activists planning an march against censorship on Jan. 18th. There isn’t so much detail on this topic but I’ll write here if anything happens.

Also yesterday night, has blocked in Turkey with court order. We don’t know main reason but some rumors says this is about an video of PM Erdoğan’s family. I’ll update this topic too.

UPDATE 3: Another English article published at Wall Street Journal’s Europe Blogs, which you can read it here. Also Pirate Party Germany published a declaration about this bill, you can see it here (English and German).

I’ll update this post whenever some breaking news happens or new English material arrives. Latest Update: 14.01.2014 – 13:12

[Pazar Müziği] Ben Prunty – FTL


Bu pazar sizlerle bir albüm paylaşmak istedim. Çünkü bu albüme, özellikle bu hafta, resmen bağlandım. Çoğu zaman elim başka bir şey açmaya gitmedi. Ve aralarından herhangi birisini de seçemedim.

Albüm, en sevdiğim oyunlardan birisi olan FTL: Faster Than Light’ın soundtracki. Tahminimce oyunu oynamış olanların aklında çalmaya başladı bile müzikleri. Oyunla mükemmel bir uyumunun olmasının yanı sıra, tek başına da dinlemesi oldukça keyifli bir albüm. Ayrıca bir şeyler yazacağınız/yaratacağınız zamanlar için de tavsiye ederim, motive edici bir etkisi oluyor.

* * *

This sunday, I’m sharing a full album with you. Because I couldn’t listen anything else this week and I couldn’t choose a song from it.

Album is the OST of FTL: Faster Than Light, one of my favourite games. If you’ve played the game, some songs started to play in your brain right now. Songs goes perfect with the game but that doesn’t mean you can’t listen them by itself. Also you should listen this album when you’re going to write/create something, it helps you to focus better (at least helps me).

[Pazar Müziği] Basscharmer – We Don’t Go To Ravenholm


Basscharmer (Sabri E. Sabancı) yeni EP’si ‘P is for Pluto’yu bugün yayınladı. Benim EP’deki favorilerimden birisi olan ‘We Don’t Go To Ravenholm’ da bu pazarın müziği oldu. EP’nin tamamını playerdaki linkten ya da buradan albümün sayfasına giderek dinleyebilirsiniz. Beğenirseniz Bandcamp üzerinden DRM-free olarak satın almanızı da tavsiye ederim.

* * *

Basscharmer‘s new EP ‘P is for Pluto’ goes online today. Because of this, one of my favourite songs from EP, ‘We Don’t Go To Ravenholm’ became the song of this sunday. You can listen all songs from EP here. If you like it, you can buy it from there too.