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When A City Changes A Song

After leaving the airport and jumping on the train to actually go London, I was looking for something to listen and remembered Burial albums saved on my phone. After that realization I haven’t listened anything else for the half of the week. Maybe it’s my overstatement but listening Burial on London made me appreciate his music on a different level. Like I said to Jay, I feel like the music makes a different sense now. 

And now I’m wondering if there’s actually such thing. Music somehow connected with a special place and gives you a different experience when you listen there. Do any of you have a story like that? Or is it just my weirdness?

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[Pazar Müziği] Basscharmer – We Don’t Go To Ravenholm


Basscharmer (Sabri E. Sabancı) yeni EP’si ‘P is for Pluto’yu bugün yayınladı. Benim EP’deki favorilerimden birisi olan ‘We Don’t Go To Ravenholm’ da bu pazarın müziği oldu. EP’nin tamamını playerdaki linkten ya da buradan albümün sayfasına giderek dinleyebilirsiniz. Beğenirseniz Bandcamp üzerinden DRM-free olarak satın almanızı da tavsiye ederim.

* * *

Basscharmer‘s new EP ‘P is for Pluto’ goes online today. Because of this, one of my favourite songs from EP, ‘We Don’t Go To Ravenholm’ became the song of this sunday. You can listen all songs from EP here. If you like it, you can buy it from there too.