I Was On TV (at Sweden)

Aktivismens Tid screenshot of Ahmet A. Sabancı

(Türkçesi burada.)

Yes, that happened.

Long story short: Two lovely people, Sara and Tigran, came from Sweden last March and said “We want to make a documentary about activists around the world and we want to interview with someone from Turkey too. We’ll talk about who you are, what are you doing, what’s your views about topics like this and that… Do you want to join?” And I said “Well, okay. Let’s try and see.” And this 14 minutes happened.

I’ve talked about a lot of things and did a lot of stuff like walking, sitting, showing places and a little security education to my friends at university. I guess I wasn’t so bad.

I’d like to hear what you’re thinking about so give it a shot. And feel free to comment about everything, even about my hair :)

Sadly, video doesn’t allow embedding so you can click my photo or the link below to watch.

Aktivismens tid: Kunskapen – UR.se

Bots With Characters

There used to be a thing called Weavrs, living at weavrs.com but I’ve remembered it recently and saw the project and website looks like a zombie. And now I’m wondering if there’s something similar exist?

The idea was pretty interesting and I’ve always wondered how far could it go. Having bots that can wonder around and find things related to their characters created by you. It was a very promising experiment and also possibly an useful tool. Having bots working for your special interests and find stuff on the internet for you and if you let it free, it can improve itself and adds more into its character.

I want more tools like this. I need bots surfing random parts of the internet and collect stuff for me. I want to watch a bot trying to improve its interests and see where it’s going.

I need more weird web!

A Compilation to Understand GamerGate

Yakın zamanda GamerGate saçmalığı üzerine bir yazı yazmayı planlıyorum ancak o sırada hem benim bilgilenmemi sağlayan ve yazıda kullanacağım kaynakları bir araya toplamak, hem de konuyu merak edenlerin ya da derli toplu okumak isteyenlerin işine yarayacak bir kaynak oluşturmak için böyle bir derleme yapmaya karar verdim. Yeni yazılar, videolar buldukça bu listeyi güncelleyebilirim.

Ve eğer merak ediyorsanız şimdiden söyleyeyim: Evet, ben de olması gerektiği gibi anti-GamerGate’im. Nedenini yazıyı yayınlayınca öğrenirsiniz.

(I’m planning to write a Turkish article about GamerGate bullshit soon but before that, I want to compile my resources at one place. I hope this post will be helpful for anyone who wants to read some sane articles about GamerGate. I may update this list if I can find more.

And just in case, if you’re wondering: Yes, of course I’m anti-GamerGate.)

#Gamergate Trolls Aren’t Ethics Crusaders; They’re a Hate Group – Jennifer Allaway

The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate – Felicia Day

Gamergate Goons Can Scream All They Want, But They Can’t Stop Progress – Laura Hudson

List of ethical concerns in video games (partial) – Leigh Alexander

Gamergate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men – Jessica Valenti

“Women Are Being Driven Offline”: Feminist Anita Sarkeesian Terrorized for Critique of Video Games

My Thoughts This Morning on GamerGate – John Scalzi

Gamergate Is Running Out of Heroes – Andy Baio

The ultimate weapon against GamerGate time-wasters: a 1960s chat bot that wastes their time – Ian Steadman

Recommendations from Uğurcan:

In Defense of Gamers – Peter Frase

Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds – Arthur Chu

Warning: This is a Meta Post

Since the beginning of summer, I was thinking about my online activities, accounts and a way to organize these in a way which makes sense for me. Because for a while it feels to me like I need a good clean up. Until now I was doing that with small steps but from now on, there will be some important changes and this post is a good example for that.

Other than announcements and long posts, I’ll start writing quick notes and short posts in here too. I was thinking about making a side-blog for this but this doesn’t made enough sense for me. That means I’ll be using here more active and that kind of posts will have a special category for them, which is called Notebook.

Also I’m playing with Known too. If I can get along with it, I may totally dump Tumblr and use that for an active microblog for things like music, video, photos etc. Maybe I can buy a weird domain or create a subdomain for it. Still not sure.

And last stage is about my accounts all around the web. Right now I’m visiting every single one of them and deciding if it’s worth keeping. Some survives, some goes private, some dies. If you’re wondering about current situation, list of my active accounts is here. I’ll update this regularly.

Guess that’s it for now. It’s already 2am here.

The Week of Internet and Its Politics (or Where I’m This Week)


After a kinda lazy summer, September begins so fast and busy. The week begins tomorrow (September 1st) comes with lots of events, meetings and surprises. It’s mostly because of Internet Governance Forum 2014 will be held in Istanbul this week.

So, what am I going to do this week? Other than my personal jobs and non-public events, here’s my programme:

  • At September 1st, APC, Tactical Tech and World Wide Web Foundation going to make an event called Disco-tech. This event will focus on censorship and circumvention tactics and I’m going to give a speech at there. You can find details about this event here.
  • At September 2nd, 3rd and morning of 4th, I will be at IGF. I’ll mostly wander around, visit booths and look for people to meet and talk. But also I’ll join couple of panels at there.
  • First one is The Freedom Online Coalition Open Forum – Protecting Human Rights Online at September 3rd, 16:30. I’ll focus on situation in Turkey and talk about it. It’s an open forum, so feel free to visit.
  • Second one is Crowdsourcing a Magna Carta for ‘The Web We Want’ at September 4th, 11:00, which is organized by Web We Want. I hope this will be a very productive panel.
  • After finishing the panel at September 4th, I’ll leave IGF and go to our event, Internet Ungovernance Forum. This event is the main reason why I am so excited about this week. There will be lots of amazing panel, workshop; a lot of beautiful, smart and great people will visit and there are some surprises. Hoping that I (and we) will meet and connect with lots of people. So if you’re interested about what you saw on the website or I’m doing, you should come to IUF.

So, this is the calendar. If you’ll be one (or all) of these, feel free to say hello. I really want to meet and chat everyone I can. Also you can follow me on Twitter to see where I’m on specific time.

Even though I am not very optimist about the IGF itself, other events and people coming here makes me think that we will finish this week feeling happy and hopeful.

My First Article at Global Voices

Good news, everyone! I’ve joined the Global Voices.

I’ll be one of the contributors from Turkey. I’m planning to focus on my main interests such as censorship, surveillance, freedom of speech and digital activism in Turkey. Not sure how frequently I’ll write but I’ll do my best to cover every story happens in here that’s part of my interests.

My first story is published today. I’ve looked to situation of Turkey’s media on upcoming elections and of course how they are censoring candidates who isn’t Erdoğan. I want to say “hope you’ll like it” but things I wrote is not really likable.

Also if you saw the thumbnail photo but couldn’t find the original version on Global Voices article, I’ve embedded below and also uploaded it on Flickr. I took the photo yesterday and it’s licensed under CC and feel free to use if you liked it.

He's Everywhere

Turkey’s “Penguin” Media not Giving Opposition Candidates a Peak | Global Voices Online

“Being Tumblr”


(You can see whole conversation and the green-text which uses the quote here.)

This really made me think. Not just someone describing a person through a social network she uses but everyone else (including me) understands what he meant. Of course you can’t tell exactly what “someone being tumblr” means but most of us have an image about that.

We have some other kind of adjectives close to that like “tumblr girl”, “redditor” and “/b/tards” and we all have images about those adjectives but I guess this is another level. This is not a nickname for someone who uses a website/social network, you’re calling her exactly what she uses/visits. And everyone else understands.

I know some websites creates a subculture around them and gets bigger and bigger with it but this looks different to me. Tumblr is mainly a blogging platform and there are users all around the world and they’re all using Tumblr with different purposes. But they’re just “tumblr users” in this case, they can’t “be tumblr”. You can have a Tumblr account but you can’t be tumblr.

There’s a tumblr persona and you just can’t create an account and be a part of it. You have to transform yourself to be tumblr, if you’re not naturally a tumblr. Wait a minute, how can someone be a natural tumblr?

The more I think about this, I feel like I should dig this more. But right now, this is just a quick note to begin.

UPDATE (5:53pm)

After publishing this post, something flashed in my mind and found this. I strongly recommend you to watch/read it.

At that talk, Jay Springett gives the best explanation so far to “being tumblr”. Stacks, like Facebook and Google, turning more and more into states and we’re getting used to it. Being tumblr turns exactly into “being citizen of a country”. Every country has images in our minds (may call stereotypes if you wish) and when you say “she’s tumblr”, our brains gets this signal similar as “she’s Turkish”.

About the difference between “a tumblr user” and “tumblr”. It definitely fits in that idea too. You can take, for example someone from England goes Italy as a tourist or starts to live there. She never can be “Italian”, she’ll be just a “tourist from England” or “Italy citizen”.

I guess I found the missing piece on “being tumblr” problem but now I have to dig into “Stacks and States” problem. There’ll be lots of fun (I hope).


Free Alaa Abd El Fattah!

Alaa Abd El Fattah is a Egyptian blogger and activist, mostly known with what he did since 2011. He’s recently arrested again and sentenced 15 year prison. There’s an detailed blog post on EFF’s site written by Jillian C. York, so you can get more detailed information here. I’ll continue in Turkish because so far no one wrote something about him in Turkish.

Alaa Abd El Fattah, Mısırlı bir blogger ve aktivist. Kendisini Arap Baharı zamanında Mısır’ı yakından takip edenler tanıyacaktır. O dönemin simge isimlerinden birisi olmuştu ve Mısır’da ifade özgürlüğünün simge isimlerinden birisi hâline gelmişti.

Ancak Mısır’da başa gelen her yönetim kendisini asla rahat bırakmadı. Çünkü Alaa, gerçek bir aktivist olarak her ne koşulda olursa olsun ifade özgürlüğünü savunmaktan çekinmedi ve bu konuda elinden geleni yaptı. Hem eski yönetim, hem de yeni yönetim tarafından birçok kez hedef alındı ve tutuklandı. 11 Haziran’da ise 24 kişiyle birlikte çıkartıldığı son duruşmasında, “yasadışı gösteri yapmak” ve “polise saldırmak” suçlarından dolayı 15 yıl hapis cezası aldı.

Alaa, gerçek bir aktivistin yapması gerekeni yaptığı ve ilkelerinden asla ödün vermediği için 2011’den bu yana hep baskı altındaydı. Onun istediği birçok Mısırlı gibi özgürlüklerini kullanabildikleri bir ülkede yaşamaktı, sadece bir siyasi grubun yerine başkasını getirmek değil. Bu yüzden de Mısır’da 2011’den bu yana başa geçen hiçbir grup kendisini sevmedi ve hep susturmak için çalıştı. En sonunda da 15 yıl hapis cezası verdiler.

Alaa ifade özgürlüğünün bir savunucusu ve Mısır’ın gerçekten özgür bir yer olması için çabalayan bir aktivistti. Onun hapse atılması kesinlikle kabul edilemez. Mısır’ın Al Jazeera ekibine yaptıklarının ardından Alaa’yı da hapse atması, oradaki durumun ne kadar kötü olduğunu açık bir şekilde gösteriyor.

Alaa’nın yanındayım ve o (ve Al Jazeera ekibi) serbest kalana kadar elimden gelen her desteği vermeye devam edeceğim. Herkesi de bu konuda duyarlı olmaya, en azından onun yanında olduğunuzu göstermek için bir şeyler yapmaya çağırıyorum. İfade özgürlüğünü dünyanın her yerinde savunmalı ve bu özgürlüğü kısıtlamak için yapılan her eylemin karşısında olmalıyız.

Cuma Postası / Friday Post [23.05.2014]

Everything is Broken by Quinn Norton

N’existe Pas by Bruce Sterling

Stand up for Sex Workers: Eden Alexander, WePay and Whorephobia by Laurie Penny

The myth of heroism by Charlie Stross

“It Continues Not To End”: Time, Poetry, and the ICC Witness Project by Aaron Bady

Privacy is a right


How to Talk to Your Children About Mass Surveillance by Cory Doctorow

Mozilla: Publish and be DRM’d! by Glyn Moody

Pervasive Monitoring Is an Attack by Tim Bray

The lie about Edward Snowden that just won’t die by Trevor Timm

The Connection Between The Copyright Industry And The NSA by Rick Falkvinge

Secrets, lies and Snowden’s email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit by Ladar Levison

Should U.S. Hackers Fix Cybersecurity Holes or Exploit Them? by Bruce Schneier

The NSA is Not Made of Magic by Bruce Schneier

June 5th is Coming: Actions on the Anniversary of the First Snowden Release by Danny O’Brien

Twitter Steps Down From the Free Speech Party by Eva Galperin

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and European Civil Society: A Case Study on Networked Advocacy by James Losey

Dear Google: Parody Is Not Trademark Infringement by corynne mcsherry

Kame Live 0.4.0 by Kus


Permission Slips by Nathan Jurgenson

A Short History of Game Panics by Jesse Walker

What to do if Your Friend is a Communist: The Hilarious Wikihow Guide

Magna Cortica by Jamais Cascio

The Paper Chase by Rob Trump

Me Meme by Rob Horning


#ResistComics – A Kickstarter Comics Anthology

There’s an awesome Kickstarter project just started and you should definitely check and support it if you can.

Project is called #ResistComics (#DirenÇizgiroman). This Kickstarter project is for an comics anthology by Can Yalçınkaya. Can is from Sydney, Australia and he’s an academician, comic book writer and an amazing guy.

This project, Resist Comics, is a comics anthology which all stories inside it connected with Gezi Protests in Turkey. I don’t know how many comics in total but the previews shows that there are lots of different kinds of story inside it. Classic stories, sci-fi, superhero; and all of these about Gezi and how their creators feels about it.

Also one of the other amazing things about this project is, Can and almost everyone in this project has punk/DIY soul inside them and this is the reason they want to self-publish it and use Kickstarter for this. They want this anthology to be independent and free from any kind of pressure.

This is one of the previews that made me excited about it:

So, that’s all I can say for now. Project’s Kickstarter page is here; you can get more  information from there and I hope you’ll support this project. There are lots of gifts you can get other than anthology too :)