#ResistComics – A Kickstarter Comics Anthology

There’s an awesome Kickstarter project just started and you should definitely check and support it if you can.

Project is called #ResistComics (#DirenÇizgiroman). This Kickstarter project is for an comics anthology by Can Yalçınkaya. Can is from Sydney, Australia and he’s an academician, comic book writer and an amazing guy.

This project, Resist Comics, is a comics anthology which all stories inside it connected with Gezi Protests in Turkey. I don’t know how many comics in total but the previews shows that there are lots of different kinds of story inside it. Classic stories, sci-fi, superhero; and all of these about Gezi and how their creators feels about it.

Also one of the other amazing things about this project is, Can and almost everyone in this project has punk/DIY soul inside them and this is the reason they want to self-publish it and use Kickstarter for this. They want this anthology to be independent and free from any kind of pressure.

This is one of the previews that made me excited about it:

So, that’s all I can say for now. Project’s Kickstarter page is here; you can get more  information from there and I hope you’ll support this project. There are lots of gifts you can get other than anthology too :)

Cuma Postası [16.05.2014]



An Interview with a Mining Engineer

Erdogan’s Reaction To The Turkish Mine Disaster Is Everything That’s Wrong With His Government by Michael Koplow

Turkish Gov spokesman Çelik :Yusuf Yerkel, PM’s adviser who kicks the protester, gets a 7 day injured report

Turkey’s Coal Problem by Jenna Krajeski

Canadian Labour Congress Condemns Turkey’s Mine Safety Record

Turkey mine disaster: Tear gas fired at Soma protesters

An analyse about Soma by Ahmet Şık (TR)

Ivan Watson reports police in Soma, Turkey have retaliated against people protesting the mine disaster.


Agency by Quinn Norton

Where is the copyright maximalist dystopian sci-fi? by Parker Higgins

International Day Against DRM: Whatever Happened to the W3C? by Danny O’Brien

Exclusive: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA by Jason Leopold

Is The Internet Intrinsically Sexist? by Laurie Penny

We Need A New Literary Movement With A Slightly Ludicrous Name by Charlie Jane Anders

Web host gives FCC a 28.8Kbps slow lane in net neutrality protest by Jon Brodkin

Former NSA Chief Defends Stockpiling Software Flaws for Spying by Andy Greenberg

I Don’t Use Gmail, but Google Still Has Lots of My Personal Emails by Benjamin Mako Hill

Turn literary works into patent applications with patent-generator by Cory Doctorow

Mutiny Aboard the Ship of the Imagination by David Banks

Science Dads & Corrupting the Youth: an apology for philosophy by Robin James

Cuma Postası [02.05.2014]

Türkiye ve Siyaset / Turkey and General Politics

Forget 140 characters: Here’s How to Go to Jail for 10 Months for One ‘k’ by Zeynep Tufekci

Turkey’s Erdogan: One of the World’s Most Determined Internet Censors by Joe Parkinson, Sam Schechner and Emre Peker (Bu arada Soundcloud engelinde gördüğümüz sayfanın sahibi de belli oldu: http://www.turk-internet.com/portal/yazigoster.php?yaziid=45560)

What If the Feature Is the Bug? by Zeynep Tufekci

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The video below taken at May Day protests @ Beşiktaş yesterday. Summary: Police arrests one protester and forces him to wear “puşi” (traditional Kurdish scarf, also political symbol for Kurdish movement) and takes his photograph.

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Aletler ve Güvenlik / Tools and Security

TAILS: Snowden’s favorite anonymous, secure OS goes 1.0 by Cory Doctorow

Privacy Badger – A project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (Mutlaka kullanın! / Must use!)

Is Google Too Big to Trust? by Bruce Schneier

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(Siber) Kültür / (Cyber) Culture

Andy Warhol’s recovered digital artworks and copyright notice by Parker Higgins

Band releases album as Linux kernel module by Cory Doctorow

Pirate Bay Hits Historic 10 Million Torrent Milestone by Ernesto

10 Futurist Phrases And Terms That Are Complete Bullshit by George Dvorsky

[Pazar Müziği] We See the Shapes by The Electric Witch

Album comes out May 1st. I highly recommend if you’re wondering what happens if you mix synth, ambient and industrial.

Albüm 1 Mayıs’ta çıkıyor. Eğer industrial, synth ve ambient bir araya gelince ne olur merak ediyorsanız tavsiye ederim.

Cuma Postası [18.04.2014]

* Bu postada tavsiyem olan haftalık rapor copy.me’nin hazırladığı “Short Copy” serisi. En son postlarına buradan bakabilirsiniz. / This week’s weekly blog post is from Copy.me. They call it “Short Copy”. You can read latest one here.

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Pulitzer Prize Is First Official Vindication of NSA Whistleblower by Annalee Newitz

Auditing TrueCrypt by Bruce Schneier

Hacker “weev” demands bacon following prison release by David Kravets

Google adds to ToS: yes, we scan all your e-mails by Casey Johnston

Twitter ekibiyle olan toplantıdan notlar… by Erkan Saka (You can read English version of this here.)

It’s Time to Encrypt the Entire Internet via WIRED

Three Questions for Eugene Kaspersky by David Talbot

Nespresso “open-sources” coffee pod business under government pressure by Casey Johnston

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George Bush’s Paintings Aren’t Funny by Molly Crabapple

Selfies at funerals and memorial hashtags: mourning in the digital age by Laurie Penny

This Open Source Graffiti Drone Will Give Cops Nightmares by Kyle Vanhemert

William S. Burroughs’ Wild Ride with Scientology by Lee Konstantinou

[Pazar Müziği] Can Kazaz

Can Kazaz’ı Gökim sayesinde keşfettim ve bu kadar geç keşfettiğim için gerçekten üzüldüm. Ben buraya üç favorimi koydum ama siz Soundcloud profilini ziyaret edip tüm işlerine bir bakın.

Göki helped me to discover Can Kazaz and I’m wondering how I didn’t heard about him before. I choose three of my favourites but you should definitely visit his profile at Soundcloud. (You may not understand Turkish cut-and-pastes but who cares, give it a try.)